Fisher Price Adorable Animals Fold ‘n Stow Swing

The bright colored designs and bold colors found through the Adorable Animals Fold ‘n Stow Swing by Fisher Price is a great option for parents seeking a swing perfect for their small space. The swing suits small spaces for the easy fold storage system that can be stowed away in a closet and folded flat against the wall for times when the swing is not in use.

fisher price adorable animals fold n stow swing

The popular piece of baby gear from the reliable Fisher price brand includes both sounds and motion that are designed to both entertain and lull the infant, depending on the mood of the infant. Using the features, parents can finish up the household chores, interact with the infant or even spend time playing with the toy mobile attached to the swing to engage with the infant.

Features of the Fisher Price Adorable Animals Fold ‘n Stow Swing include:

  • The highly portable swing can be easily folded to travel between rooms in the home or travel from home to day care
  • Strong frame is designed to be a durable choice from the Fisher Price brand
  • Swing includes music options that can help to soothe the infant in combination with the front to back swinging motion
  • The swing is easily stored away when unneeded and folds upright to facilitate easy storage
  • Two recline positions allow the swing to be used in a highly reclining position as well as a position designed for the infants to play with the included toy bar
  • Bright colored toy bar is used to stimulate growth and development and infants and can be used to encourage learning

With eight different sounds and two different sound modes infants can be stimulated or lulled into sleep with soft sounds. With the easy to control sound mechanism on the side of the swing, parents are able to control the sounds with one hand.

fisher price adorable animals fold n stow swing

The three point harness system of the swing keeps the infant safe while in the swing from birth until the infant reaches twenty-five pounds.

fisher price adorable animals fold n stow swing

This budget friendly choice can be purchased through retail department stores and online marketplaces – making it easily accessible to parents searching for a reliable swing.

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